Best Emily Willis Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight celebrated its historic 25th anniversary! What better way to celebrate Fleshlight’s 25th anniversary than to give us the Emily Willis Fleshlight to play with?!

Fleshlights are among the best male sex toys money can buy.They went one step further by making replicas of the world’s most popular female porn actresses!

About Emily Willis

Emily Willis was born on 29 December 1998, Utah, United States. Her official porn career started in 2018, and she has covered a huge ground in a short period of time.

Emily Willis has worked on a variety of projects, including facials, swallowing, interracial sex, cream pies, anal, blowbangs, girl-on-girl, taboo, sub/dom, and much more.

Emily has won “Best Anal Sex Scene” at the 2020 AVN Awards, but her awards still racking up. The Latin diva from Argentina is the newest addition to the exclusive Fleshlight Girl club!

Emily Willis Fleshlight Quick Look

Our Emily Willis Fleshlight review examines both varieties of this male sex toy in detail. It comes in two varieties: a vaginal and a butt variant.

The Squirt Fleshlight Sensation is featured in the lady version, while the Smash sensation is featured in the butt version.

Emily Willis Fleshlight Lady Sleeve

Firstly, let’s take a look at the lady version of Emily Willis’ Fleshlight, which uses the Squirt sensation.

When we first started reviewing Emily Willis’ Fleshlight, the opening was the first thing that caught our attention. It’s a perfect replica of Emily Willis’ own pussy.

It doesn’t only seem like the real vagina, it also feels like it. It features high-quality and soft materials, so you will surely find this to be an amazing male sex toy to fulfill your dreams.

What Does It Feel Like Inside?

Emily Willis’ texture is as versatile as the woman herself. It features a corkscrew entry point that transforms into a gauntlet of knobs, ridges, and alternate spines.

emily willis fleshlight vagina texture

First Chamber

Once your penis goes through the opening of the Squirt Fleshlight sleeve and penetrates the corkscrew entrance point, you’ll discover how real it feels.

If you didn’t know you were playing with a male sex toy, you’d believe you were inside a real female vagina.

The first chamber’s texture looks to be designed to exactly replicate the touch of a real vagina, and it does so perfectly.

Second Chamber

This second chamber of the Squirt Fleshlight sleeve features a texture made up of soft and pointed nubs.

These nubs are long enough to flex as you move back and forth through this chamber. These nubs bend in the direction you go as you move back and forth through this chamber.

This design creates a tightening and loosening of the chamber, which generates a pulsating sensation.

You will be blown away by how enjoyable this chamber feels while still managing to feel remarkably lifelike.

Third Chamber

When you reach the third chamber, it is lined with nubs that are shaped like coins buried in the walls at 360-degrees.

These shaped coins are arranged lengthwise along the chamber walls. They create a pulsating sensation as you go over them.

As you move through the area, it feels like an extremely realistic experience.

Fourth Chamber

The texture of this fourth chamber is made up of lumps and bumps that run in many directions along the walls.

This chamber is amazingly realistic and soft once again. As you go back and forth through it, it produces a mild pulsing sensation.

Fifth Chamber

The fifth and last chamber continues with an extremely realistic feeling all over your glans to the head of your penis. It is lined with small ball-shaped nubs that are positioned closely together.

As we said before, the touch feels super lifelike and realistic. Compared to traditional male sex toys, this is an amazing choice if you’re looking at what it could be like to have sex with Emily Willis.

Emily Willis Fleshlight Butt Sleeve

The butt version of the Emily Willis Fleshlight uses the Smash Fleshlight sleeve. It features an opening that is a perfect replica of Emily Willis’ own butt.

Not only does it look like the real one, it feels thigh-high and soft like her own butt.

Main Chamber

This Smash Fleshlight sensation is split into four chambers, each with the same texture.

The only variation between each chamber is that the texture pattern in each one is reversed when compared to the previous chambers.

Each chamber is lined with string-like ribs that run in different directions along the sleeve walls. The Smash Fleshlight texture’s simplicity is what gives this anal sex sensation.

emily willis fleshlight anal texture

What really impresses us about the Smash Fleshlight texture is how real it feels. The inside is every bit as lifelike and realistic as the opening.

If you didn’t know you were using a fleshlight, you could quite easily mistake this for the real butt. It’s that lifelike. We also loved that the outside look is a perfect replica of Emily Willis’s own body. This is something that will be hugely appealing to her fans.

How to Clean The Emily Willis Fleshlight

As you would expect, after using the Emily Willis Fleshlight lady sleeve, we spent a lot of time cleaning the product. There is no denying the Squirt Fleshlight sleeve features textures that are made up of plenty of lumps and bumps.

There are plenty of places for lubricant and other fluids to get trapped in the texture. We found that running warm water through the sleeve was not enough to fully clean the sleeve.

You’ll find you need to use your fingers, and we would recommend using Fleshlight’s own cleaning solution.

Our Final Thoughts

Our Emily Willis Fleshlight review has been one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had with such sex toys. This is an amazing and enjoyable male sex toy.

It looks and feels exceptionally realistic and provides an intensely stimulating experience. This is without a doubt one of the greatest male masturbators we’ve ever reviewed.

It will undoubtedly be added to our own collections. You should also consider adding the Emily Willis Fleshlight to yours!

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