New Fleshlight Launch Model Review

In this honest & in-depth hands-on test of Fleshlight Launch review, you will learn everything you need about the new Fleshlight Launch version.

How cool would it sound to have a Fleshlight machine that shakes your penis automatically saving you all the work? Who could say no to that?

Given the taboos of masturbation are far gone, those exploring the full potential of their pleasure-seeking endeavors are keen to embrace new technology that takes the sensation to new heights.

Those familiar with innovative sex toys will have already heard of the Fleshlight, a popular take on the male masturbatory trend that delivers an experience akin to the real thing. 

However, as with all innovative products, it’s not too long before advancements are made, and the Fleshlight is no exception. As such, the launch of an improved Fleshlight with additional features won’t come as a surprise to most, but does it deliver where it matters most? 

The following is an overview of what the new Fleshlight Launch offers and the benefits it can introduce into the bedroom.

What Is The Fleshlight Launch?

This accessory for Quickshots allows you to masturbate hands-free which gives you up to 250 strokes per minute with speed and stroke controls and different penis positions. It also has 3 pleasure zones for the base, shaft, and head.

The smartphone mount lets you watch porn while using the Quickshot Launch. The Fleshlight Launch is a sex toy that aims to automate masturbation, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable experience. 

However, when you recognize the features available, the size of the sex toy makes sense and can even be considered discreet compared to the conventional options available.

The first thing people will notice about the Fleshlight Launch is its size. Although larger than past iterations of the sex toy, it’s important to remember that the Fleshlight Launch is a different beast from its earlier counterparts.

Our Fleshlight Launch First Impressions

The Fleshlight Launch is packaged in a large and simple cardboard box. The previous model of  Fleshlight Launch looked like a coffee machine or an air purifier. Maybe even a video game console?

This new Fleshlight Launch presents a reduced and minimalist design in which we can clearly appreciate its differences.

It seems that Fleshlight has made changes to optimize its innovative automatic masturbator, and we believe they have achieved their goal.

The weight feels much lighter than the previous model thus giving more handling and durability.

Plus, the previous version had some GLARING design issues that are solved. It wouldn’t stand up on a flat surface and this is was very tedious, now it holds up perfectly.

While the previous version could hold your fleshlight with a cuff strap, this new model is designed to more accurately hold the fleshlight it is designed for.

How Is The Fleshlight Launch Works?

As we mentioned before, the Fleshlight Launch delivers 250 strokes per minute. Users can alter the strokes, speed, and position of the penis using a series of buttons on the device. A button on the left grip controls the stroke length control, while the stroke speed is maintained using the button on the right grip.

The immersive experience can be extended thanks to the inclusion of an adjustable universal smartphone mount that can be used to view porn.

Although a masturbatory aid, this doesn’t mean that the Fleshlight Light Launch is limited to solo use, as there are plenty of ways partners can enjoy the toy.

To use, just lock your Quickshot toy in the cradle and start with the power button. The buttons on the handles are used to change the speed and stroke length, while the button on the back left side is used to change position.

As with many forms of technology, the Fleshlight Launch takes advantage of USB charging. Many users have found that they get the most from the sex toy after a full charge. The unit is surprisingly easy to clean, which is impressive given its adaptive design.

If you want a blowjob that you can control, the Quickshot Launch is for you. Charging is via a wall outlet so you can use it while charging where it has 60-minute battery life after 90 minutes to full charge.

With its large size of 10 inches width, it cannot be discreet and compact. However, it is easy to hold and lightweight so you would not get tired of holding it when masturbating compared to the other handsfree stroker.

It has the appearance of a rocket platform and is made from ABS plastic, and it is advised not to drop the Quickshot Launch. It is different from the Fleshlight Launch since the Quickshot Launch only works with the Quickshot toys.

Benefits of The Fleshlight Launch

The growing sex toy market shows how many people are keen to explore their sexuality. However, those purchasing a sex toy for the first time may be overwhelmed by the choice available, and not every masturbatory aid offers the features many are searching for.

One of the main reasons why the Fleshlight brand soared in popularity is because of the experience it offers. Even the lower-priced options have been met with rave reviews, so expectations are enormous when new products from the brand are unveiled.

Fortunately, the Fleshlight Launch continues its ethos of offering a second-to-none self-pleasuring experience with additional extras to automate the process. The Launch also allows for several experiences using different sleeves.

Although an additional cost, people searching for the best masturbatory experience available should be mindful that Fleshlight is one of the few brands that has not only achieved this but further enhanced the experience over time.

There are several sleeves available that offer different experiences, including anal, oral, and vaginal. One of the most evident and lucrative benefits of the Fleshlight is that it can protect those wanting to explore their sexuality thanks to its adaptive nature.

Is The Fleshlight Launch The Perfect Fit?

What people want to gain from their sexual endeavors can vary greatly, so there will be instances where some will overlook the Fleshlight Launch. However, for the most part, the Fleshlight Launch is a great fit for most due to its flexibility.

Users can be in several positions while using the Launch, and the option to view pornography while using the sexy toy means there is little chance of boredom. The concept of the Fleshlight Launch means that it offers an all-in-one masturbatory aid as opposed to using several sex toys. With this in mind, the higher price of the Fleshlight Launched can be justified, as can the additional cost of the sleeves.

Those used to earlier Fleshlight iterations may find the Launch has a slight learning curve. However, many find that becoming familiar with the features of the Launch doesn’t take too long, and the time invested is worthwhile given the experience the toy offers.

Where to Buy the Fleshlight Launch

The Quickshot Launch costs $200 but there is an option to add a Quickshot toy which comes at a lower package price. Both of these products can be bought from the Fleshlight website together with the other Fleshlight products.

Aside from the online store, the Quickshot Launch can also be bought from other sex toy outlets.

However, as always we recommend that you purchase your Fleshlight Launch through the official website here.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting a Quickshot is fun to watch during strokes and partner play due to its transparent and discreet design. If you wanted to do solo play in your room, this can be considered for use. 

It can be shorter than the other Fleshlight sex toys, but you can enjoy the same pleasure and have no problems storing it on drawers. To experience technology on sex self-play, getting a Quickshot Launch can be considered. 

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