Fleshlight Quickshot Review – It’s Really Worth It?

In this Fleshlight Quickshot review you will know everything you need about the new Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage. Imagine at the time of self-pleasure how good it would be to have a toy that mimics a pussy and butt texture.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a sex toy that promises more than that. It guarantees the most arousing appearance, so it makes sense for the average male.

But does it give the best bang for your buck? Is it better than comparable models? Here you will know everything you need about the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

What's a Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage?

This Fleshlight Quickshot review it’s all about the Quickshot Vantage. A Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a men’s sex toy that is used to replicate a vagina.

It stimulates the penis to help men orgasm. Provides a realistic sexual experience for masturbation that meets the need for satisfaction.

One of the best-selling models of Quickshots is the Quickshot Vantage. It is a reusable penis stroker that measures 3.5 inches. Every inch and movement of the penis can be seen as you masturbate on its show-off design.

The interior of the Vantage model has nubs and spheres which are textured like a vagina.

The sex toy is made from phthalates-free materials, which are added to plastics for flexibility. A Fleshlight is made from rubber polymers, high-quality mineral oils, Superskin material, Intense texture inner canal that are protected by a series of US patents.

Most men say that using a Fleshlight gives them more intense orgasms and consider them as an essential tool for exploring sexual fantasies. It adds pleasure to a man’s solo sex life compared to manual masturbation.

It is recommended for a virgin who wants to know what a real vagina feels like. Soaking it in hot water before using stimulates the warmness which feels like having sex with a real woman.

Owning a Fleshlight can be worth the investment if you are not into having a partner.

What Is The Quickshot Fleshlight For?

Fleshlight sex toys provide stimulations of real sex and variety. These products are safe to use multiple times, easy to clean, durable, and portable. It is the biggest brand name when it comes to sex toys and continuously adds a variety of sex toy lineups for every 

One of the series of sex toys from Fleshlight is the Quickshot. With its fully exposed orifices on each end, it measures less than half the size of the classic Fleshlight making it a more discreet and more portable sex toy compared to the other Fleshlight models.

Aside from the size, Quickshots are the lowest-priced sex toy available on Fleshlight.

The pleasure on Quickshot can be experienced through rotating, squeezing it on yourself, or shortening the strokes and targeting different spots. When used with a partner, it can be stroked during a blowjob since it has an open-ended design.

It is recommended for men who have sensitive penis since the head is exposed on the top of the Quickshot. You can keep stroking when you are close to orgasm. Because of its compact size, it is easier to clean, put in a hiding place, and travel with. At a glance, it will not be known as a sex toy.

If well maintained, Quickshots can last up to two years. However, its edges are most likely to wear out faster.

It comes on Vantage, Pulse, and Boost models which differ in colors, internal textures, and orifices. The Quickshots can be used with accessories such as a shower mount adaptor for a hands-free thrust during a shower, sleeve warmer, quick connect which secures two Quickshots together, and the Quickshot Launch.

What Makes Quickshot Vantage Unique?

Quality and Design

This fleshlight is lightweight, making it the perfect stroker to take with you on the go. It weighs 8 ounces, so you can stroke all night without a sore wrist. Even better, the fleshlight comes with dual open-ended orifices and can accommodate penises of any length. And because it’s open on both ends, the penis pops out during use.

At first glance, you’ll notice this toy is neutral. It’s not designed to look like a vagina or penis, so it can suit people of different sexual orientations. Besides that, the toy features a patented material that mimics human skin. The material is also porous to help you clean it diligently after each use.

The interior also comes in a well-rounded design and has stimulating spheres, while the exterior is covered with a rigid plastic case. This makes it easier to hold during playtime. However, if you have a girthier penis, you won’t have much wiggle room.

Easy to clean

One common problem with fleshlight is that it’s easy to clean – it’s just as easy as washing hands. The open-ended design means that it dries faster. And because it doesn’t have a flared entry, you can turn it inside out without any damage. If you’ve ever dealt with a full-size fleshlight, you know how cumbersome this can get.

Another feature that makes cleaning a breeze is the internal diameter. The manufacturer has made it wider than a regular fleshlight. This unique design improves the flow of water and makes the fleshlight the quickest toy to clean.

More enjoyable

For guys with longer penises, it will pop out on the other side. They can continue to move the fleshlight even after having an orgasm. For the average guy, the feeling is nicer than the hand. That said, you enjoy the best of both worlds. 

You may not notice the difference due to the dual-end design, but the symmetry is a nice touch.

And speaking of enjoyment, the fleshlight is an excellent toy to bring to your bathroom for quick relief. Unlike comparable products, the vantage allows you to see the phenomenal ending. Smaller hands can enjoy the toy as well.

If you want to maximize the experience, you can take the case and squeeze it on yourself. Another strategy is targeting the strokes in specific locations. The head of the penis and shaft works wonders.


The transparent design, versatility, and ergonomic dimensions make Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage one of the best handheld sex toys. Since the material feels great, you can rotate it for enhanced stimulation. The toy is compatible with water-based lubes for easy use.

Easy to hide

Due to the compact size, you can hide the product behind the shelf or closet. Best of all, when the package is delivered to you, it won’t say Sex Toy. If you share accommodation, you can keep the toy discreetly. That’s not all. Since the fleshlight can fit nicely in your bag, you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind.

How to Use a Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage?

To use the Quickshot Vantage, you should apply a water-based lubricant at the opening and inside the Vantage. Do not forget to put lubricant inside, otherwise, it will not be comfortable to use due to friction. 

If you want to feel the intricacies of textures, you should avoid using too much. Who wants a messy finish?

Since the fleshlight has open heads, you can be sure of a mind-blowing situation. When you’re ready to climax, you can direct yourself somewhere easy to clean. Don’t forget to rinse the internal sleeve with an antibacterial cleaner.

On cleaning the Vantage, remove the inner sleeve first then rinse it with warm water. The sleeve can be turned inside-out when drying so that mildew would not build up on the inner portion. Once dried, store it back on its hard case and screw the ends.

This Quickshot model is great for first-timers since it has a discreet and neutral design. It does not have a vulva or anus-like opening which your partner might compare herself to.

How Is The Fleshlight Quickshot Packaged?

Did you know that the best things come in small packages? The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage comes in a blue box. It’s not a discreet package because it says male sex toy on it. One side is written Quickshot, while the other one says fleshlight.

There’s also a transparent window that allows you to see the product before you open the box. Therefore, marketing the product as discreet defeats the point.

As soon as you open the package, you’ll see your Vantage in readiness for what is to come. You will also see a compact clear case, sleeve caps, clear SuperSkin Sleeve, and a pouch of Fleshlube. Overall, we can say the product is packaged in a simple and elegant box.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Benefits

Lightweight design

This fleshlight is smaller compared to the traditional models. It’s easy to hide, so you don’t have to sacrifice the fun when on the go.

Discreet toy

It’s hard to assume this is a sex toy at first sight. You can easily hide it among your bathroom lotions or even in a drawer.

Works well for first-timers

This toy features a neutral design since there’s no vulva or anus to compare with. If you’re a first-timer, you won’t mess up.

Great play toy

Both partners get the perfect vantage point – it’s exciting to watch. This is arguably a big step from using the hands.

Open-ended design

The sleeve nook makes the experience unique and the foreplay a bit spicier. Your partner can stroke and give a blowjob at the same time.

Easy to clean

Unlike comparable toys, this toy features a hypoallergenic material that is easy to clean and maintain. You can turn the sleeve inside out.


The packaging makes the toy safe and secure. And once you open the box, you get lots of stuff to enhance your experience.

Things to Keep In Mind


It’s not the most pleasurable model out there. However, you can still enjoy the best physical sensation without spending a fortune.

Open Chamber

Compared to the regular fleshlight, the load will end everywhere


It may be too tight for girthier guys

Fleshlight Quickshot Review Conclusion

We must admit that we have enjoyed this Fleshlight Quickshot review. If you’re looking for a compact and easy-to-hide fleshlight, the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage could be what you’ve been waiting for. This toy gives realistic expectations and is transparent to help you see the action.

Secondly, the inner sleeve is lusciously soft and feels great. Even better, the sturdy design makes it one of the most stimulating toys out there. So with proper care, this fleshlight will stand the test of time.

We recommend buying through the official website of the product, as they offer amazing customer support and unbeatable prices. You can get yours by visiting Flesglight’ Official Site here.

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