MFC Cam – Is Safe?

MFC Cam also known as My Free Cams has been around for what seems like forever! So, we have to say that we were a bit amused, surprised even when we found out that MFC cam was still in business these days.

Not only that, but it remains one of the most popular cam sites doing the online rounds today.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at MFC cam and find out if, as its name indicates, it really is a free cam platform that you can use totally for free. Ultimately, we’re going to tell you if this live cam site is worth it!

So, let’s get our hands on this: this is your first-hand account of MFC Cams, follow the steps to get your free account today!

MFC Cam - Our First Impressions

What We Like About MFC Cam

• Deep and detailed model profiles around

• Easy Free account creation availability

• MFC mixes social media elements with content-sharing

• Cheap and affordable site currency (MFC tokens)

• You can watch free live cams on this site!

What We Didn’t Like About MFC Cam

• Outdated interface

• Not the most user-friendly platform

• Features give you information overload

Highlight MFC Features

• Free access to public chat rooms with ease

• Models can share or sell uploaded content

• No cost to become a member and participate

• Special lifetime membership assigned after first token purchase

MFC looks less like a live show superstore and more like a flea market for people who like to get naked in front of their webcam.

However, if you’re willing to focus on what it actually offers, you’re going to find that it falls in line with its excellent reputation as one of the most storied and popular sex cam platforms to have ever existed on the internet.

In-Depth MFC Cam - Does It Live Up To Its Reputation?

We wish we could say we knew all about MFC cam, but we honestly didn’t have a clue what exactly this live cam website had to offer its visitors.

All we knew about MFC Cam back then was very little. Aside from the fact that it’s a platform where you can watch girls get naked and stick stuff inside them for money.

Seriously, MFC Cam has a lot to offer.

We can’t say we had high hopes initially, but we’re more than happy to admit that we were wrong to think that this is your run-of-the-mill cam website.

When we say that MFC Cam has a lot going for it, boy do we mean it:

Right from the beginning, our little brain damn near shut down just by the sheer information overload that MFC Cam’s homepage provided.

Anyhoo, to say that MFC Cam’s homepage has a lot of cam girls. The fact that the overall platform layout looks like it hasn’t been updated since Bush’s first term doesn’t help. It is not a pretty website to be completely honest but has all you need to have lots of fun.

How to Get a Free Account?

Once our eyes had their fill of MFC Cam’s “website design”, we decided to head over to the sidebar to create a free account. It took us a minute to figure it out due to all the model profiles and text on the screen.

In any case, we were finally able to find where we could sign up for a free account. It’s on the upper right corner of the homepage screen, you can find it at the top of the sidebar and search filters.

Opening an MFC Cam account is free, and we appreciate how MFC Cams checks your username availability in real-time. Once we clicked in the “Create a Free Account” button, we were then redirected to this page:

MFC Cam allows you to create your free account by connecting your Google or Twitter account to their site. It’s a nice way to become a member and that doesn’t require time-wasting.

And done. We had our free account!

We were then redirected to the MFC Cam homepage, and you’re going to see this notice every time: the site takes a few seconds to load all the available cam models and hook you up with some sweet online cam girls online.

This shows that MFC Cam likes to do most things in real-time, although most cam websites also do.

We went back to the homepage and browsed the cam models available online they had at the time.

To access a pop-up window that shows you what’s going on inside their room, you’ll have to click on a tiny camera icon on the upper right corner of each model thumbnail.

This is one thing that you should know: MFC Cams ONLY has cam GIRLS.

No, there aren’t any webcam boys or transgender cams here; just hot female cam models. So, it’s not an LGBTQ+ friendly cam site.

MFC Cam Chat Rooms - Yes, It Works!

As casual as a hunter on a dating site, we thoughtlessly clicked on one of the featured model thumbnails that we thought was adequate for us to check out.

We were not disappointed. We mean, wow!

We didn’t expect to luck out this quickly and find a gorgeous cam model who was actually showing skin inside a public chat room, especially on a free cam site like MFC Cams.

The typical case is that these “free” public rooms are lobbies where the cam models wait for clients to take them to a private chat room for the fun stuff, and in most of them you can’t watch it until you purchase some tokens. Here you can watch everything for free, even interact with the model via message.

But this? We were inclined to think that we struck a bit of gold with the MFC Cam website.

The live feed doesn’t have a lot of features and buttons that you can play around with the same way you do on other premium cam websites.

No, my friend, there aren’t any interactive toy options or marketing tricks (like “gifts” and “surprises”) here. This is as streamlined as you can get when it comes to live cam shows.

We really appreciate the simplicity and ease.

It’s also nice that you get a good amount of options as to how you want to stream your cam model show, from the stream type to the video resolution as you’d like. 

Aside from that button, you just have another option for volume controls and one to toggle fullscreen mode. In our opinion, nothing more is needed for good streaming.

Clicking on the “menu” link, which is at the bottom of the live video, will show a pop-up of the model’s profile information. There are a lot of pop-ups here on MFC Cam, as you’ll see as we journey into this live cam website.

Going back to the profile, well, it’s some information to know about the model. So much so that you really have to take less than a minute if you want to read up all.

If you want to know even more, just click on the “Profile” button to see a detailed description of your favorite model. If you are one of those who want to know more in depth about everything as we like, take a look to know more about the model.

On top of the live cam show, you’re going to find a link to the cam model’s “whiteboard”. This is basically their tip menu where you can check what services they offer and how much they charge for each service.

You must know that MFC cam models charge their services based on their own rates, so you’re going to find that prices may vary from one cam model to another.

Since most MFC cam girls are technically independent, you might even luck out and find one model who offers escort services, which means that you can date them in real life, dating or doing something you dirty boy/girl!

There are two arrows on top of the live cam show, too: one on the right and one on the left. We will have to say that we like this option since it allows you to scroll through all the available live models on MFC Cams easily for some research.

As is usual, the arrow pointing left shows you the previous cam model in MFC Cam, and the one pointing to the right directs you to the next one.

And we will say this, we started to forget how crappy MFC’s website interface is just by looking at some nice online naked girls right in front of our screen.

Clicking on the MFC Share button, which is another small link that you can find on top of the live cam video, we were redirected to a whole new tab in our browser that features one of the most interesting things about MFC Cam: a content-sharing website.

MFC Share works as something like OnlyFans.

Here, you’re going to find out uploaded content like pre-recorded videos and image sets that MFC Cam models either share for free to their subscribers or sell as premium stuff for their viewers.

MFC Search Tools

We were really surprised when we discovered that MFC Cam has one of the most efficient search engines among all the live cam websites that we’ve checked out.

It handles multiple search terms, and it even categorizes the results to make sure it gives you something that you might be like!

Once you get your free account, you can access the advanced filter, and it’s one of the most detailed we’ve ever seen. You can find the settings just near of the search bar, just click on the “settings” button.

We commend MFC Cam for having filters this detailed, but it lacks some diversity. As you can see in the image, the filters are all based on the models’ popularity, region, and rating. 

Here you can’t filter and categorize them, say, popularity, region or rating.

More MFC Cam Features

As we’d said, MFC Cam has a lot to offer. For one, they run contests on the website every time, which then helps their cam models a lot by handing them cash prizes and more.

As far as we know, they do this “Miss MyFreeCamscontest on a monthly basis which is very fun.

MFC Cam, as we mentioned earlier, also has some of the most detailed cam model profiles that you’ll see on a live sex cam website. Without context, you might even think that the cam model profiles on this website were made for a casual dating platform.

The sidebar might not look like much but it can provide you with nice filters. Although, again, most of the filters that you can see here are based on cam model ratings and popularity (all based on research).

This might be an acquired taste, but we do like how you can bookmark your favorite cam models on MFC:

Adding models to your favorites bookmark is different than other cam sites. 

MFC requires that you drag and drop their model’ thumbnail into the “bookmarks” section on their sidebar. Generally speaking, it’s a weird way to do things, but we like the novelty of it for some reason.

That’s it, folks: if you want to know more about how MFC Cam works, then you’re going to have to do some own research. We’re sure you will find something you like!

MFC Cam - Conclusion

MFC Cam, is a great option, especially if you’re looking for a free live sex cam website where you can watch cam models quickly, and easily.

If you’re willing to look past those interface flaws, you’re going to discover that MFC Cam has more to offer than other cam websites out there, much less other platforms that tout themselves as “free” cam sites, and they are not.

MFC Cam does deliver on its promise and is probably the only one totally free cam site.

From watching legitimately free live shows without tokens or an active membership to the content-sharing option (MFC Share), high detailed profiles, entertaining cam girls, and effective search options.

We can’t help but say that it’s rightfully one of the best cam websites working today. No wonder MFC Cam has lasted this long in the industry!

Click here to visit the official MFC Cam site!

Our MFC Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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