New Vibrating Fleshlight Review: Lady & Butt Versions

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the new Vibrating Fleshlight male masturbator (The Fleshlight Vibro). An innovative vibrating Fleshlight that had quite a bit of buzz behind it, voted as “Best Male Fleshlight” by the EroFame Awards.

These days, there are plenty of different competitors that Fleshlight needs to keep up with, and these competitors are constantly coming up with new variations of the male masturbator.

Due to the high level of competition in the market, Fleshlight has had to be innovative and come up with new designs to compete with companies like Kiiroo and Lovense.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this amazing vibrating Fleshlight masturbator.

What Is The Vibro? (The Vibrating Fleshlight)

The Fleshlight Vibro is a vibrating masturbator for men that combines a lifelike sleeve with vibrations to reach out for the ultimate pleasure.

It features a subtle, nubby inner texture that feels so good even if there are no vibrations. Masturbation sessions become even more pleasurable when the texture is combined with vibrations.

This vibrating Fleshlight measures 9.75″ with the cap on and has 8.5″ of insertable area, which is great for most men. The 2.2-inch canal circumference can accommodate men of average girth.

While the case and size are both standards, the sleeve design is unique. It features a soft, nubby inner texture that feels so good even when there are no vibrations.

Design and Batteries

Instead of the standard fins that aid in holding the sleeve in place in the case. This SuperSkin sleeve has a unique design with three holes that help keep it in place with three bullet batteries.

The bullet vibrators are powered by watch batteries, of which three are included immediately within the toy. Also, an extra 10 pack of batteries is included in the package.

Since they include 10 extras, it’ll be a long time before you have to invest in keeping the Vibro chugging along. No worries, they’re just LR44 watch batteries and you can use any brand that you like.

Texture and Material

As always with new Fleshlights, it has its own special sleeve texture that is a bunch of cylindrical tubes that extend from the top until the bottom of the sleeve.

The lady and ass version both come with the same texture, although the butt version has a narrower hole than the Lady version.

Both textures are made from their patented Superskin material, which is a special blend of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is safe to use.

Compared to other pseudo-skins, we found Fleshlight to be the perfect mix of synthetic and lifelike feelings.

So now it’s time to see if the addition of three vibrating bullets really helps to intensify pleasure.

How To Use The Vibrating Fleshlight?

Using the vibrating Fleshlight requires a bit more work than your usual Fleshlight routine.

Here’s what you need to do to use your vibrating Fleshlight:

1. First of all, remove the sleeve from the case.

2. Then, turn on all 3 vibrating bullets by pressing the top button.

3. Put the bullet vibes into the sleeve’s side pockets or holes.

4. While the bullets are vibrating, put the sleeve back into the case.

5. Apply Fleshlight lube on your penis and the sleeve’s opening to feel the vibes.

6. You can play with the toy as slowly or as quickly as you want until you reach your desired level of enjoyment.

After that, remove the sleeve containing the vibrating bullets and turn off each one.

Before cleaning and rinsing the sleeves, remove them from the case as well. Clean-up takes a long time because of the thick, nubby texture of the sleeve.

For better results, you can use the Fleshlight cleaner, is the optimal way to wash fleshlights thoroughly and preserve the materials as the first day.

Drying time may take between 5 and 7 hours. You can shorten the wait time by using paper towels inside or blowing cool air using a hairdryer.

Our Experience Testing The Vibro

These small vibrators add a bit more weight to the toy than the typical Fleshlight. In the future, we hope they add a way to turn the vibrators on and off without having to take the sleeve out.

After inserting them and turning the vibrators on, man was it worth it. We don’t even know why, but one of our team ended up screaming “Mamma mia!” upon inserting the vibrating toy.

In our opinion, the sleeve is expertly designed. The way the nubs extend from the toy gives them enough extra weight and length. Once the vibrators are working, the nubs move almost like the outcroppings on a coral reef.

We have used toys that vibrate like this before, but they have two issues typically associated with them. Firstly, the motor is usually placed at the end of the toy, and since most of these toys are pretty long, the vibrations don’t transfer correctly to the penis.

Secondly, most of them only have one motor, so the sensations are typically strongest in the middle and weaker on the other sides. But, Fleshlight, with the tri-motor idea at the beginning of the toy, gets rid of these two problems entirely.

The three motors on the sides work together to create a strong vortex of vibration that is powerful throughout, and because they are strategically placed, it feels like the vibration is around the entire toy.

This makes up for the fact that we need to take the sleeves off to turn them off and on. We suppose innovation has its shortcomings sometimes.

We’d say we’re really happy they decided to go with a sleeve texture that compliments the enjoyment of a vibrator.

The normal Fleshlight design is still here, and you can adjust the sleeve suction with the end cap to better suit your level of tightness.

We’ve complained in the past that the long length of the sleeve makes it difficult to enjoy all of the texture for some people, but since it’s the same texture throughout, this isn’t a problem with the Vibro.

As far as battery life goes, we’ve used it pretty consistently for a few weeks now, and we’re still on our first set of free batteries.

All in all, we’d say the pocket-protected scientists at Flesh Labs (or whatever they call themselves) really outdid themselves with this vibrating Fleshlight toy.

Vibrating Fleshlight vs Regular Fleshlight

Vibrating Fleshlights are distinguished by two major characteristics: vibration and texture.

Starting with vibration, this is the undisputed advantage that the vibrating Fleshlight has over regular Fleshlights, and it’s no small matter!

The vibration adds a whole new dimension to your experience, sending waves of intensely pleasurable sensations through your penis and balls. It’s an immersive, all-encompassing bliss.

The vibrations are enough to make you orgasm on your own. For this reason, the Vibro can increase your stamina, in the same vein as the Fleshlight STU.

As mentioned above, the Vibro is only available in one texture: Touch, though it’s available as both a vagina and a tighter anal orifice.

One of the Fleshlight’s best features is the fact that you can swap out the sleeves, allowing you to try between different textures.

With there being dozens of textures, inspired by some of the biggest names in the adult industry, you can enjoy a new experience simply by picking a different sleeve.

Where Can You Get One?

As always, the best place to buy your Fleshlight Vibro is directly from the official Fleshlight website.

It’s where we bought ours, and it’s also where we’ve bought the rest of our Fleshlight toys. They offer the cheapest prices that really can’t be beaten by competitors, especially considering you’ll get free shipping if you’re from the United States.

Our Final Thoughts

Fleshlight has included powerful motors in your vibrating toy. This makes it worthwhile to include it in your masturbation session.

This is another great addition to the Fleshlight signature. We’ve legitimately considered adding this amazing Vibro to our ever-growing collection of Fleshlights.

We can recommend this amazing vibrating Fleshlight to any man who is looking to feel extra pleasure in their Fleshlight masturbation sessions.

The motors are strong, consistent, and compliment the sleeve design in a way we think is brilliant.

Fun times are to be had with this amazing toy, that’s for certain.

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